Student, Faculty & Staff Award Recipients

The Giving Circle has two segments for annual disbursement with 75% of funds allocated to Faculty & Staff Special Projects and 25% of funds allocated as Student Academic Enrichment grants.

Faculty & Staff Special Projects - 75%
Faculty & Staff proposals focus on curricular and approved student experiential learning opportunities. Proposals require approval of department chair prior to submission. Project funding will be determined by voting members.

Student Academic Enrichment Grants - 25%
Awards will be $2,000 each and any remaining funds will be placed into the endowment. Recipients are determined by voting members as an award. Honoring the current Women's Club legacy, all recipients will be female.


2018 Student Academic Enrichment Awards

Daixuan Ai
New Music Gathering in Conference and Festivals
Daixuan Ai is a Chinese international student at BW and a junior music composition and keyboard performance major student. The awarded funds were used to attend a new music composer conference during 2019 spring semester and a new music festival in summer 2019. During the New Music Gathering in Boston, she met composers from all across the country, and attended meetings and master classes held by professional composers. 

Hannah Allenson
Study Abroad: Australia
Hannah Allenson, a junior public health major used awarded funds for a semester abroad at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. This trip was be extremely influential on Hannah’s personal, academic and career goals. Academically, she had the opportunity to study Public Health courses in a country that is known for its healthy population, but also an indigenous population that faces a number of health issues.

Samantha Dean
Study Abroad: France
Samantha studied abroad with the CEA Program in Aix en Provence, France during Spring semester 2019. The award was used towards tuition, airfare, room and board, travel, textbook and food costs. This award allowed Samantha to focus on her studies and achieving her goals rather than stressing about the monetary aspect. 

Total Student Awards: $5,044


2018 Faculty & Staff Special Project Awards:

Katie Adkins, Nanette Canfield, Dr. Karen Munroe
Solving for XX: Promoting Gender Parity in STEM Leadership and ResearchThe STEM Scholars Program, the School of Natural Sciences, Mathematics, and Computing, and the Center for Innovation and Growth are collaborating to present a symposium titled “Solving for XX: Promoting Gender Parity in STEM Leadership and Research” in the fall of 2019. This program will examine the underrepresentation of women in post-secondary training, employment, and advancement to leadership roles in the STEM fields. 

Jeanette Haggerty
BW Women's Chorus OMEA Performance
The BW Women’s Chorus unites the love of music with community engagement. Women ranging in ages from 15 to 78 join in song on Tuesday evenings through the BW Community Music School to learn repertoire that they later preform. Under the direction of Prof. Jordan Saul, the Chorus welcomes anyone with a “willing spirit and open mind”. To celebrate the accomplishments of this ensemble a recording was submitted to the Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) for consideration as a performing ensemble at the state convention in 2019. Each year, OMEA holds a statewide conference with workshops, lectures and professional development opportunities for area music educators. The BW Women’s Chorus was one of the highly selected to perform at this conference. Funding from Women for BW was used for assistance with transportation and folder costs necessary to give the BW Women’s Chorus the support they need to confidently represent Baldwin Wallace University at OMEA. 

Christa Jones & Dr. Patrick Ludwig
Concussion Education at BW: Building a culture of research, clinical training, and awareness
Funding will be used to increase awareness and education regarding concussions. Concussions lead to lasting changes in cognition (e.g., memory, attention), language, social outcomes, and the brain’s ability to function efficiently. These changes can potentially disrupt the lives of those affected, particularly for college-students who must meet the academic, social, and emotional rigors associated with college. The proposed program is multi-faceted and is likely to positively impact both a large number of BW students and others within our community. 

Dr. Swagata Banik
Human Trafficking: A Public Health's Perspective
Baldwin Wallace Public Health Club created a one day human trafficking summit on Baldwin Wallace University campus. The summit eduated staff and community members as well as local university students. The club partnered with The Collaboration to End Human Trafficking to bring awareness of human trafficking on campus. The day included speakers, a resource fair, a panel to answer student’s questions, and breakout sessions. The program provided insights on what it is like to experience human trafficking first hand from a survivor’s perspective. By inviting universities from Northeast Ohio, as well as community members, on top of the BW students and faculty, the group aimed to raise human trafficking awareness to the largest population as possible. 

Total Faculty & Staff Awards: $14,581

Total award amount for 2018-2019: $19,625


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