Student, Faculty & Staff Award Recipients

The Giving Circle has two segments for annual disbursement with 75% of funds allocated to Faculty & Staff Special Projects and 25% of funds allocated as Student Academic Enrichment grants.

Faculty & Staff Special Projects - 75%
Faculty & Staff awards will be up to $5,000 each and proposals will focus on curricular and approved student experiential learning opportunities. Proposals require the approval of the department chair prior to submission. Project funding will be determined by voting Members.

Student Academic Enrichment Grants - 25%
Awards will be up to $2,000 each and any remaining funds are dispersed as appropriate according to Women for BW bylaws. Recipients are determined by voting members as an award. Honoring the current Women's Club legacy, all recipients will be female.

Each year, these special awards allow for opportunities that otherwise may not be possible. 100% of Giving Circle Membership funds are allocated to these awards.

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2023 Giving Circle Award Results Are In!

Student Academic Enrichment Award
Up to $2,000 (women students only)

Faculty/Staff Special Project Award
Up to $5,000

2023 Student Academic Enrichment Awards

Mia Basit (Trailblazing a new legacy)
Mia will use her funding to participate in the Lex fellowship program, a combined pre-law internship and study abroad program that allows undergraduate students to get experience in the law field before going to law school.

Kyla Koos (Supporting Baldwin Wallace Female Quantum Computing Pioneer)
Kyla will use her funding for her presentation on her groundbreaking research in quantum computing at the American Physical Society Conference in March 2024. Her journey in quantum computing has been driven by her passion for interdisciplinary research at the Cleveland Clinic Discovery Accelerator Summer Internship. She was the only intern pursuing quantum computing and successfully developed a machine learning algorithm to extract areas of interests in MRIs, securing an extended internship with IBM and LRI. Her new project involves quantum-based MRI physics modeling, promising unprecedented accuracy in medical imaging simulations. 

Taylor Lang (Creating Sensory Access for Theatrical Spaces)

Taylor will use her funding to purchase research supplies to help make the performances at Baldwin Wallace University more sensory friendly. She will partner with KultureCity to implement sensory friendly programs at Baldwin Wallace University’s theatres to make Baldwin Wallace a more welcoming community for everyone. Through this program, BW's front of house staff and arts management students will receive culturally responsive training, and the University will receive signage and supplies including sensory bags and a social story. 

Alyssa Musat (Iron Deficiency Education in Guatemala)
Alyssa will use her funding to participate in a women-led expedition alongside Dr. Hopkins this May in Guatemala to address iron levels among the local population. Alarming findings indicate that iron levels are considerably lower than recommended standards. To address this pressing issue, Dr. Hopkins and Alyssa intend to visit the community in person. Their mission includes educating local medical professionals about the significance of iron-rich diets and implementing sustainable programs to improve the overall nutritional intake of the citizens.

Total Award Amount for Students: $5,250

2023 Faculty & Staff Special Project Awards

Katie Adkins and Lauren Scotta (Breaking Barriers: Fostering Women's Success in STEM Disciplines through Mentoring and Experiential Learning)
Katie and Lauren will use their funding to empower female students in STEM by establishing a mentorship program by partnering STEM professional mentors and student mentees. The mentorship program will then culminate in a colloquium open to all STEM students to learn the importance of mentorship and experiential learning. The colloquium will highlight the value of experiential learning opportunities, inspiring students to pursue avenues that will enhance their academic journey. 

Colleen Tokar Asaad (Personal Finance Library)
Colleen will use her funding to establish a personal finance library at BW. She will also begin a Financial Wellness Club for students while working with BW’s Division of Community Learning to offer community workshops. The library resources would include books on various financial topics, ranging from the technical to the spiritual.  

Loretta Ayers and Erin West (NEST: Nurturing Every Student Together - A mental wellness initiative)
Loretta and Erin will use their funding to support a campus mental well-being climate at Baldwin Wallace University, NEST - Nurturing Every Student Together: A Mental Wellness Initiative. Grant funds will be used to create NEST physical spaces across campus and a NEST virtual space on Canvas; both will include resources to support student stress management and mental well-being. Thirty-three Physical NEST spaces will be developed to provide calming spaces that facilitate stress reduction and mental well-being across campus. Physical NEST spaces will include comfortable seating, calm lighting, and sensory materials encouraging student relaxation, mindfulness, and stress reduction. The Virtual NEST site will supplement the Physical NEST space and will exist on Canvas. This Virtual NEST site will be built by counseling graduate students with oversight from the counseling faculty. The Virtual NEST site on CANVAS will include resources such as guides for deep breathing, mindfulness, and progressive muscle relaxation.

Alaina Giovengo (Beyond BW Fund)
Alaina will use her funding to continue The Beyond BW Fund, a program through the Brain Center, which provides financial support to students who need assistance paying for any certification test, entrance exam, or graduate school application fee. Renewed funding from the Giving Circle Grant would allow for BW students who are in the final 2 years of their undergraduate program or in their final year of graduate school at BW to apply. 

Total Award Amount for Faculty & Staff: $15,750

Total award amount for 2022-2023: $21,000



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