MBA Alumni Referral Scholarship

The MBA Alumni Referral Scholarship is your opportunity to encourage an employee, colleague, or mentee to follow your professional path and enroll in an MBA program at Baldwin Wallace University.

All MBA alumni and current MBA students can participate. The process is simple!

How it works

Alumni may fill out this online form so we know of your referral of a prospective student. We will follow up with the person named to answer their questions about the programs and the scholarship.

Alternatively, a candidate may enter your information when prompted to provide the name of the MBA alumnus/a who referred them directly on his/her MBA program application. Please suggest they enter your name. Referrals must be received by the School of Business prior to the candidate's enrollment.

When your referred candidate enrolls in an MBA program, they will receive a $1000 scholarship in your name. This award will be granted in the first term of their enrollment. The School of Business provides the funds to cover the scholarship.

Create a legacy as you inspire others.

Turn your connection with the BW MBA programs into something tangible for those you influence! This scholarship enables you to be more than a role model, but a benefactor as well. Your encouragement to apply to a BW MBA program could be what motivates a candidate to move forward in his/her career, and this special scholarship will help get them started. Make a referral here.

Important to note

Referrals are accepted from MBA alumni or MBA current students only. MBA students and alumni may refer as many students as they like, however, a new student may receive only one MBA Alumni Referral Scholarship.

This scholarship does not apply to students enrolling in the full-time graduate programs who completed their undergraduate degree at BW (One Year MBA, Masters of Management, or Masters of Accountancy). However, students from outside of BW entering these programs may receive this scholarship.


Contact Carmen Castro-Rivera in the School of Business at (440) 826-3331 or



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