Baldwin Wallace University MBA Association invites you to free, recurring seminars with Professor Param Srikantia and special guests:



Beyond Management: A Multidimensional Evening
with Drs. William Brake and Param Srikantia

Moderated by Ms. Stephanie Ciesla, MBA

Thursday October 17, 2019
6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

The evening will include:

  • Management Explorations with special guest Dr. Sangeeta Parameshwar (Storytelling :On Transformational Leadership of Gandhi)
  • Video Discussion: Reclaiming Our Creative Confidence and Design Thinking.
  • Library Corner: Highlights from Management Bestselling Books
  • Brake-through Gym: An activity to catalyze a quantum leap in your effectiveness
  • Audience Stories of How They Have Coped with Challenging Situations and an Open Forum.

    Additional Beyond Management dates: November 21, December 12
    6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

    Kamm Hall 215
    275 Eastland Road, Berea, Ohio 44017


Please RSVP to indicating which sessions you plan to attend.

A free, dynamic workshop experience exploring the nuances, puzzles and eternal questions about organizational life and beyond.

We are at an exciting time when thought leaders around the world are talking about a “Post-Management Era” in which the traditional assumptions that inspired management practices are no longer seen to be in tune with what the world of organizations is calling for. There is growing recognition that the paradigm of management, as we have known it, is hopelessly outdated and implies a level of centralized control that is unsuitable for the modern day in which initiative, autonomy and responsibility have to be more dispersed to allow for personal growth, rapid response and a highly decentralized capability for workplace dynamism. This forum called “Beyond Management” seeks to fill precisely that need- to create a loosely structured space in which we can collectively explore creative responses to the challenges of our personal and professional lives. It is a space in which we can reclaim our creative confidence to be able to play in the sandbox of emotional and intellectual creativity. Where we can be in conversation with like minded and like hearted sojourners, celebrating the spirit of life-long learning, of being our authentic selves, of listening, sharing, and of exploring the deeper existential dilemmas of professional life with no fear of judgment . We will share experiences, contribute to each other’s learning, view situations from multiple perspectives, learn about recent management books and authors that are making waves and piece together the great puzzles of organizational life in joyous creativity. Please circulate this announcement widely among family, friends and colleagues so that we are able to connect with other kindred spirits who are passionate about living life as the great adventure it was always meant to be.

For a preview of Param Srikantia's unique "Why Life Sucks" seminars, check out this recent TEDx event at Syracuse University. 


Many of us are pursuing success in different forms. Yet, we seldom stop and question if these images of success we inherited from our upbringing are really serving us in living fulfilling lives and in tapping into our inner talents, or are a burden to us, imprisoning us while making us subservient to external expectations. This talk will expose you to multiple paradigms of success and give you the opportunity to profoundly understand the challenges of your inner journey in a reflective and contemplative space. You will be invited to go beyond your everyday notions of success/failure and to experience the richness of your own being in a manner that is rarely possible in the 'busyness' of everyday living. Rather than succumbing to the seriousness of institutional bureaucratic living as we all do from time to time, you will begin to approach the future with a liberating playfulness, able to appreciate both the comic and tragic aspects of our obsession with success and our fear of failure. The talk will draw from distant repositories of global wisdom and will therefore enable you to examine your life from perspectives rarely available to you through your formal education. This will be a truly exciting pilgrimage of discovery into both the distant peaks and valleys of a global landscape and the deeply buried treasures of your inner consciousness.


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