Baldwin Wallace University MBA Association invites you to free, recurring seminars with Professor Param Srikantia and special guests:


While BW is not currently hosting alumni events on campus, we are pleased to announce that Professor Param Srikantia is offering a weekly virtual experience for alumni and friends. 

To participate in one or more of these events, please contact Param at

  • November 1 - Being an Enlightened Presence in a World Falling Apart
  • November 8 - Transforming Anger, Sadness and Fear into Self Awareness
  • November 15 - The Architecture of Human Greatness in a Mundane World
  • November 22 - No talk (Thanksgiving weekend)
  • November 29 - Rebuilding Confidence in your Creativity
  • December 6 - Priceless Wisdom from my Third Divorce

Check out this recent TEDx event presented by Param Srikantia at Syracuse University. 


Many of us are pursuing success in different forms. Yet, we seldom stop and question if these images of success we inherited from our upbringing are really serving us in living fulfilling lives and in tapping into our inner talents, or are a burden to us, imprisoning us while making us subservient to external expectations. This talk will expose you to multiple paradigms of success and give you the opportunity to profoundly understand the challenges of your inner journey in a reflective and contemplative space. You will be invited to go beyond your everyday notions of success/failure and to experience the richness of your own being in a manner that is rarely possible in the 'busyness' of everyday living. Rather than succumbing to the seriousness of institutional bureaucratic living as we all do from time to time, you will begin to approach the future with a liberating playfulness, able to appreciate both the comic and tragic aspects of our obsession with success and our fear of failure. The talk will draw from distant repositories of global wisdom and will therefore enable you to examine your life from perspectives rarely available to you through your formal education. This will be a truly exciting pilgrimage of discovery into both the distant peaks and valleys of a global landscape and the deeply buried treasures of your inner consciousness.


About the Speaker

Dr. Param Srikantia draws upon 20 years of leadership experience in six global conglomerates coupled with teaching and scholarly research on multiple continents. He has authored over 35 scholarly papers in management published or presented at conferences in the U.S., Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. Before joining the faculty at Baldwin Wallace University, Srikantia was a consultant at the World Bank, designing workshops for finance ministers of several countries. He has also facilitated leadership seminars to management teams of transnational organizations drawn from over 75 countries in a global leadership organization sponsored by the federal government. He has worked in human resources and management development roles at the Unilever Group, Arthur Andersen, the American Cyanamid Company and Lederle Laboratories and the Tata Group. He has taught at Case Western Reserve University, George Mason University, University of Iowa, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute in India and FAE Business School in Brazil. He is a former television host in India who is well acquainted with the art of energizing a live audience. For a full bio, visit Param's faculty profile here

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