Who's Attending the Reunion?

Below is a list of members of the Class of 1968 who have confirmed that they plan to attend the reunion, either by letting a Reunion Ambassador know their intent or by notifying the Office of Alumni Engagement.

Don't see your name listed, but plan to attend? Call (440) 826-2104 or email bwalumni@bw.edu to let us know. We'll add your name within 2-3 business days of receiving your phone call or message. 

Terry Allerton
Morgan Barclay
Esther (Chapman) Barto
William Bennett
Dennis Berg
Skip Berry
Margaret (Klimek) Betz
Bert Bowe
Gary Breckenridge
Thomas Brooks
Ronald Callihan
Karen (Palmer) Cochran
Alan Dambach
Phoebe (Schwimer) Davidson
David Dudik
James Dunham
Bob Ellison
Linda Flinn
Cheryl (Hoffman) Fortman
Robert Frank
Mary Ann (Petreins) Gillespie
Pat Gillespie
Doug Goepfert
Louise Grande
Thomas Hall
James Hampton
Jane (Kelsey) Harrison
Craig Hayes
Jon Heavilin
Cathryn (Seckler) Henneberry
Rayvell Hereford
Margaret (Duncan) Hodge
Mary (Spencer) Hutchins
Tom Hutchinson
James Jankura
Biff Johnson
Carrye (Bowers) Jones
Jim Jones
Charles Kaylor
Terri (Black) King
Tom Konkoly
Ken Kronenberger
Marshall Krumpe
Dick Lifer
Robert Love
Pat (Bilchak) Lumpkin
Claudia (Sepowitz) Marshall
Nancy Matsunaye
James Maxen
Thomas McGill
Robert Milliken
Janet Moses
Margaret (McMillen) Mouilleseaux
John Musat
Len Pariano
Karol (Rawson) Parsons
Marilyn (Stahmer) Piehl
Carole (Filsinger) Ratcliffe
Mel Reinhardt
Karen (Ward) Rolland
Dick Scott
Bill Shearer
Suzanne (Green) Siegel
Gene Siodla
Ray Slaybaugh
Karly (Kramer) Spell
George Spitzer
Connie (Miller) Stanek
Carole (Wurm) Strong
Stephen Sturdevant
Laurie (Glasgow) Taylor
Lynn (Thompson) Thompson
David Thompson
Joan Toussaint
Chris Towne
Tim Walton
Bill Weinberg
Thomas Whitacre
Fran (Nuzzo) Wilhelm
Don Zowader



The following are class members who have indicated they hope to attend the reunion, but are not yet able to confirm. Please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at (440) 826-2104 with any questions about the reunion and let us know how we may assist you in your planning. We would be delighted to move you to the first list above!

Susan (Cole) Adams
Bill Beaty
Blaine Bontempo
Elaine (Plyler) Bontempo
Margaret (Hoskins) Eaton
David Marshall
Alison (Martin) Poland
John Sigler
Bruce Spang
Leslie VanSyckle
Peggy (Cotter) Will
Katherine (Beadel) Williams


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